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About us

SEGEDA is a versatile company that has been structured itself along the years. After a trip of more than 35 years, our company is now mainly dedicated to the manufacture of drilling machines for mining, quarries and civil works, to maintenance jobs in big industries and to special machine-tooling jobs.

Our philosophy is centered on one concept: satisfying the needs of our customers. For this reason, we have also manufactured a wide range of machines for different sectors. Custom’s request manufacturing is our main added value.

SEGEDA was established in 1982 as an auxiliary company of Deutz Diter, and it began manufacturing quarrying machinery around 1990. Besides machine-tooling in general, that was the main activity of its 4 founders, SEGEDA is currently focusing its works on the manufacture of drilling machines and all kinds of drilling components for quarries, pneumatic and hydraulic drilling equipment for backhoe loaders of different specifications, always adapted to the technical needs of our customers; as well as in the manufacture of auxiliary equipment for quarrying and processing of dimensional stones: cutting machines and tile drills, stone transport carts, loading and unloading gripper, etc.

In recent years, thanks to the innovative nature of our staff, we have promoted the manufacture of drilling machinery for use in civil engineering and mining, as well as for the development of projects in other sectors.

Furthermore, we carry out maintenance work for big industries, always according to our customer’s directions..

You can download our corporate dossier by clicking here.

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