Slopes and drilling at height

Trineo perforador TRMS 1.5

Specially designed for drilling on steep slopes, embankments and sloping terrain. But its lightness does not deprive it of its power and stability, making it a very suitable machine for vertical and work height workra.

  • Tower Height: 3000 mm.
  • Optimum Operating Pressure: 0 - 6,5 Kg./cm
  • Rotary piston motor MPL: 2.2 H.P.
  • Drilling Speed with 90mm bit: 0,20 Mts/min
  • Air Consumption: 10.300 L./min.
  • Weight Kg: 220
  • Dimensions: 3200 mm long x 1020 mm wide x 2700 mm high.
  • Down The Hole Hammer: 3" / 2"

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